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Laundry Price List

I do all types of laundry for pets from a dog coat or bed to horse rugs, We have many years experience in cleaning, reproofing and repairing horse rugs supplying new buckles, straps etc. 
We don't charge for repairs unless we have to use materials etc.

We use a large commercial washing machine to ensure the horse rugs have plenty of water to wash and rinse in. This ensures that all mud and dirt is washed away as well as all the detergent, 

Our reproofing service is done by hand which coats the rug and is then left to dry in the open air allowing the Reproof to soak in to the fabric and set. This also allows us to ensure the rug is clean and fresh before it is packed.

 Horse rug wash up to 5ft ~ £7

 Horse rug wash over 5ft ~ £8

 Turnout rug wash up to 5ft ~ £8

 Turnout rug wash over 5ft ~ £9

 Turnout rug wash & reproof up to 5ft ~ £14

 Turnout rug wash & reproof over 5ft ~ £15

 Fleece/summer wash up to 5ft~ £6

 Fleece/summer wash over 5ft~ £7

 Numnah’s ~ £2.50

 Travel Boots ~ £5.00

 Separate Hoods wash & Reproof  ~ £3.50

 Bandages/Brushing boots/Lycra hoods ~ £3.00

 Pet beds from ~ £3.50

5 Rugs within 5 miles collection Free

10 Rugs within 10 miles collection Free

Over 10 miles a charge will be levied 50p per mile

10 Rugs washed get 1 wash Free